Paper Proposal “The Posthuman Post-Humanity”

The Posthuman Post-Humanity

            Professor Seaman’s article Becoming More (than) Human: Affective Posthumanisms, Past and Future successfully portrays the posthuman in contrast to modern humanity, providing myriad examples and explanations. The article proves to be intriguing and informative but fails to address the outcome of the posthuman outside of being associated with modern humanity. More specifically, it does not address the possibility, and thus the aspects of the situation, of complete dominance of the posthuman in a world with no modern humans. The conclusion of the article revolves around each of the examples of different posthuman concepts striving to embody human characteristics but in each of those examples, the posthuman figures live in accordance with modern humans. Thus, it tends to be inevitable for them not to compare themselves to their more raw form. If they did not live side by side with their predecessors, they would not try to “deliberately retain…the weaknesses and vulnerabilities” of humans and would instead thrive more smoothly, never trying to be more emotional or human-like (Seaman 270).

            Therefore, if current humanity goes completely extinct, the posthuman will continue taking steps forward and never look back. Rather than an “all too affected and affective self,” it will continue evolving, both physically and “mentally” in order to overcome any obstacles and achieve perfectness (Seaman 270). Through other posthuman examples and analyses, a slightly different generalized concept of the posthuman can be portrayed disregarding any association with modern humanity, but simply overcoming it and constantly moving forward.

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