Free Office 365

College of Charleston students are eligible for free access to Office 365. Follow these simple steps to sign up:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in* with your <username> e-mail address** and your MyCharleston password (not your e-mail password, which may be different).
  3. Click Install now to download the Office installer.
  4. Click run to run the installer, or open the installer when the download has completed.
  5. Click OneDrive to activate your Office cloud storage.

*Be sure to click on the sign in button. Attempting to sign up rather than sign in will give an error message.
** If you are a student employee with an employee email account, use your <username> e-mail address instead.

Note that Office 365 may take as long as three hours to notice MyCharleston password changes. If you have just changed your password, you may not be able to sign in immediately.