Hurricane Preparedness

It’s important to be prepared in the event of a hurricane. In addition to the precautions recommended by the National Hurricane Center, we have the following suggestions regarding your computer:

Update your contact information

Update your Cougar Alert contact information in MyCharleston (under the My Accounts tab). This is how the College will let you know about the status of classes and provide you with information about the storm.

Backup your files

Even in non-emergency situations, it’s a good idea to have spare copies of your personal data in case your computer becomes lost or damaged. Keeping backups will help ensure that you don’t lose potentially irreplaceable files. All CofC students get 30GB of storage space on Google Drive through their account. For students who need more space, we recommend purchasing an external hard drive.

Pack your laptop

If you are told to prepare for an evacuation, pack your laptop and charger in a waterproof container with your disaster supplies kit. Don’t wait until the last moment to pack!

Know where to get support

After the immediate danger has passed, you may find that one of your electronic devices has been damaged. Be sure you know how to contact technical support for your devices’ manufacturers. Contact information for common manufactuers is listed below.


In-warranty: 800.571.2237 or
Out-of-warrnty: 877.526.4466 or


800.275.2273 or
iPhones: 800.694.7466


888.678.3688 or
Retail customers (e.g. Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Staples): 888.678.3688 or


800.624.9897 or


800.474.6836 or


855.253.6686 or


Laptops:800.726.7864 or
Phones:888.987.4357 or


800.457.7777 or