OAKS and Chrome compatibility issues

There is a known compatibility issue with OAKS and Google Chrome versions 32 and 33 (beta).  With Google Chrome versions 32 and 33 (beta), pop-up windows are not working properly within OAKS.  These pop-up windows are used frequently throughout the system.  The common behavior is that a window will display “Loading….”, but then times out to a blank window.  If you experience these issues, we recommend that you try another web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.  Desire2Learn is looking into the issue, however, they do not currently have a time frame for a resolution.

Apple releases the latest version of OSX and what it means for you

Apple released the latest version of OSX, 10.9 (Mavericks) on October 22nd.  Because it is so new, we have not had a chance to test it with CampusWide printing.  We have only seen one computer running it so far and that one did not work with our system, so we don’t recommend upgrading to OSX 10.9 until we have had time to test it thoroughly and the manufacturer of the printing software we use has a chance to release updates to ensure compatibility.

If you do upgrade your Mac to the latest version, you may not be able to print through our system and may have to email files to yourself and then log into a lab computer to print them.

There is also the possibility that it may have issues connecting to our wireless network, although that is less likely because the wireless network technology we use is commonly used.  We will let you know if we find any other issues during our testing of this new technology.