Print Management System

The college is transitioning to a new print management system. While the overall concept remains the same, there are several things that are different about it compared to the system that we used to use.

You will need to be familiar with some of the changes outlined below to use the new system.   As always, if you need assistance, please ask at the information desk and we will assist you.

Addlestone Lab Printing

  • You must log in as yourself on the computer to print. If the computer is already logged in from someone else using it, log them out and log in as yourself.
  • The system will no longer ask for your credentials when you send a print job because it uses the fact that you are logged into the computer to identify you. This means that if you sit down at an already logged in computer and send a print job, you won’t be able to release it because that print job is not linked to your account.
  • Print to the queue named ‘CofC-Cloudprint‘. ‘SingleSided‘ and ‘DoubleSided‘ queues no longer exist.
  • To print double sided copies, you must go into the printer dialog box and change the setting there to double sided before submitting the print job.

CampusWide Printing

  • You can no longer use the LPT One print client to print to our printers
  • Visit for instructions on setting up your computer.
  • We have noticed some windows users are having problems finding the printers and are troubleshooting this.  You can either save a copy of your file and email it to yourself to print in the lab or you can save your document as a PDF and upload it through the web interface for the new system at  (On campus access only, so you must be connected to eduroam or cofc-secure, or have a wired connection.)  We hope to have full functionality available soon.