Addlestone Library Improvements this summer

The Addlestone Library is making some exciting improvements over this summer and we want you to know we are working to make this process as minimally disruptive to our patrons as possible.

  • The second and third floors of the library will be closed starting May 3rd.
  • The first floor of the library will be open as usual.
  • The librarians and student computing support technicians will be available to help with your research and technology questions.
  • The Center for Student Learning will be open.
  • The café will be closed.

You will be able to get the books and articles you need through PASCAL and Interlibrary Loan. Please refer to this guide for information on using PASCAL and Interlibrary Loan. Or, feel free to ask at the information desk for assistance.

Stay up-to-date with the improvements by visiting the Addlestone Improvement Blog.

What are the improvements, you ask?

  • 200 new seats
  • 3 new study rooms
  • 1 new lecture room
  • New Starbucks Café
  • More power for mobile devices
  • Expansion of Special Collections
  • South Carolina Historical Society Collection coming in Dec. 2014

OAKS and Chrome compatibility issues

There is a known compatibility issue with OAKS and Google Chrome versions 32 and 33 (beta).  With Google Chrome versions 32 and 33 (beta), pop-up windows are not working properly within OAKS.  These pop-up windows are used frequently throughout the system.  The common behavior is that a window will display “Loading….”, but then times out to a blank window.  If you experience these issues, we recommend that you try another web browser such as Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer.  Desire2Learn is looking into the issue, however, they do not currently have a time frame for a resolution.