Thurs@3@Addlestone session about Blogs

Today we’re considering why to use Blogs, Wikis, webpages, WebCT and possibly others to create a web presence.  The wiki link for this session is

But first, the library has created a plug-in for Firefox that can be used to work together with searches – search for a book, and it automatically checks the library catalog and PASCAL (the interlibrary loan system) to see if the College has it.  It requires GreaseMonkey, another small add-in.  Fantastic!

Things new (to me):

  • Kitchen Sink button – additional formatting options, including paste from Word, styles
  • 10MB limit for Blog – need to watch document sizes that are embedded
  • Good alternative for embedding – save docs on
  • Embedding a picture:John - CBS commentator? John – CBS commentator?
  • Post versus Pages: Page generally not open for comments?  Pages don’t appear on the blog unless linked or included in a sidebar widget.  On my blog, I use a “Digg” theme with two sidebars, and have a Page widget on one side to list pages.

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