Middleton Cheves

Middleton Cheves

College of Charleston Business students don’t have to look far for exciting internship opportunities. Innovation is happening right here on the peninsula. Take Charleston Fab Lab for example- a creative manufacturing and product design laboratory with Middleton Cheves as an intern.

Cheves is a rising senior studying Business Administration with a concentration in entrepreneurship and minor in Spanish. He first learned of Charleston Fab Lab through conversations with Christine Osborne, a College of Charleston alum.

“Mrs. Osborne and I met up last October and hit it off from the start,” said Cheves. “She took me under her wing and started helping me network with various other entrepreneurs in the Charleston area.”

The networking led him to Charleston Fab Lab where he was offered a summer internship. His projects have included market research, assisting with marketing and branding design, and designing logistics templates.

“My internship has been an incredible learning experience so far,” said Cheves. “I have learned a ton about what it means to own and run a startup company.”

While Cheves has seen the amazing possibilities of entrepreneurship, he also has seen the realistic hardships.

“I also have seen firsthand the company’s struggles,” said Cheves. “I have been able to be there as they solve these problems and come up with creative solutions.”