Group photo of Schottland Scholars Alumni Reception in NYC

Attendees at the NYC Schottland Alumni Reception included: (front row, left to right) Ben Pugh, Kate Schmiege, Bevin Murphy, Darren Boulton ’13, Lauren Tonkovich, CPA ‘13, Olivia Forte, Taylor Mulvehill; (back row, left to right): Esta Shah, Candace Pfister ’22, Sadie Wright, Smith Wheeler, Jackson Hoel ’22, Jack Ramsayer ’22, Houston Pearce ’17, Susan and Peter Schottland, Erik Markert ’17, Jen Remler ’17, Charlotte Fitzsimmons, Brea Fields, Jeremy C. Clement, MBA, PMP ’01, Rex Bingham, Katie Dowling ‘16, Andria Boulton, Maura Lonergan ‘19, Bill Finn (present, but not pictured: Alli Crowell ’14 and PC Mesher ’18)


It was A Charleston Affair — Schottland Scholars style!

Just before the start of the semester, the Schottland Scholars Program hosted an alumni reception in New York City. The program recently reached a significant milestone by boasting more than 150 alumni now part of its “Schottie” network.

The Schottland Scholars Program is a prestigious leadership program for highly motivated business students. The program aims to help approximately 10 School of Business seniors develop skills to become outstanding in ethical awareness, global awareness, problem-solving and effective communication to succeed as future business leaders. The program was created and is financially supported by Peter and Susan Schottland.

The Schottlands, executive mentor Bill Finn, and several Schottland alumni flew or took long train rides to connect and join the reception after the fall tour of organizations.

The tour of organizations — an all-expense-paid trip each semester to meet with companies who are leaders in their respective industries — is one of the program’s many highlights.

During their fall tour of organizations this semester, the group networked with leading companies in large thanks to engaged alumni. These companies included:

  • Citrone 33 (Executive Director and Schottland Scholar alumna Maura Lonergan ’19)
  • Vivid+Co (CEO and Owner Caitlyn Kelly ’07)
  • The Siegfried Group (arranged by Schottland Scholar alumna Lauren Tonkovich, CPA ’13 and Jen Remler, CPA ’17)
  • Wunderkind (hosted by Houston Pearce ’17)

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