Steve Litvin

Steve Litvin, Hospitality and Tourism Management Professor

Steve Litvin, professor of Hospitality and Tourism, recently celebrated his 20th year teaching at the College of Charleston.

Before arriving at the College in 2001, Professor Litvin was a CPA with two international accounting firms and co-owner of the largest independent travel agency in the state of Arizona. Litvin is also a Fulbright Scholar.

Litvin has visited all 50 states and 94 countries, all professionally or academically, with his wife, Allegra. He completed his doctorate degree from the University of South Australia, and spent eight years teaching in Singapore afterwards. As a Fulbright Scholar, Litvin was honored a Research Chair Award in Sustainable Commerce in Canada.

Throughout his travels, Professor Litvin found that experiences outweigh the location for a meaningful trip. Here are his top 10 places to visit:

  • 10. Bora Bora, French Polynesia - The island does tourism really well with its fabulous resorts and their bungalows over the water. We loved it from the minute we arrived at the airport. It was a special and romantic place for us to visit.

“Our travels have allowed me to experience other destinations and cultures and observe their issues, strengths and challenges,” says Litvin. “The learning from my explorations often find their way into my lectures, allowing me to keep my lessons current and topical, and it is just a lot of fun!”

The Class of 2022 will get to hear words of wisdom from Litvin at the morning commencement exercise for the School of Business and the School of Education, Health and Human Performance.

To learn the details about Professor Litvin’s travels, see the article on The College Today