Kelley Cours Anderson, Ph.D. and Mohamed Tazkarji, Ph.D.

Kelley Cours Anderson, Ph.D. (left) and Mohamed Tazkarji, Ph.D. (right)

Two new faculty members at the College of Charleston School of Business are making waves with recent research. 

Virtual Marketing Strategies 

Kelley Anderson, assistant professor of marketing, recently had her co-authored publication, “The Impact of Virtual Marketing Strategies on the Price-TOM Relation,” accepted by The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. The journal is ranked “A” by the ADBC Journal Quality List

The Role of Stress in Distance Learning 

Assistant professor of information management Mohamed Tazkarji’s paper, “Distress, Eustress, and Continuance Intentions for Distance Learners,” was recently published in the Journal of Computer Information Systems. The journal is also ranked “A” by the ADBC Journal Quality List.  

An excerpt from the abstract: 

While there has been considerable research related to distance learning, there is surprisingly little research into the role stress plays in distance learning. Therefore, in this paper, we investigated two types of stress: distress and eustress. Using a combination of stress theory and the job and demand resources theory, we developed a research model to predict distance learning satisfaction and continuance intentions. 

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