BB&T Free Market Process Speaker Series presents ‘What’s the Proper Role of Government?’

The College of Charleston School of Business’ Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process invites Yaron Brook and Tamara Draut to speak at the third BB&T Free Market Process Speaker Series this semester. Their debate “What is the proper role of government?” is on Thursday, November 8 at 7:30 p.m. in the School of Business Beatty Center, Wells Fargo Auditorium.  This event is open to the public.

College of Charleston employees, students, the business community, media and other Charleston area residents are invited to share in the economical debate with Laissez-faire enthusiast, Dr. Yaron Brook, and public sector proponent, Tamara Draut.

The event is sponsored by the Initiative for Public Choice and Market Process, founded in 2008 with a generous gift from the BB&T Charitable Foundation and the Charles G Koch Foundation.

About Yaron Brook
Yaron Brook is president and executive director of the Ayn Rand  Institute. He is a regular contributor to A former finance professor, he has been published in academic as well as popular publications, and his opinion-editorials appear in major newspapers.
He is frequently interviewed on national TV and radio. Dr. Brook lectures on Objectivism, business ethics and foreign policy at college campuses, community groups and corporations across America and throughout the world.

About Tamara Draut
Tamara Draut is Vice President of Policy and Research at Demos.  She is the author of Strapped: Why America’s 20- and 30-Somethings Can’t Get Ahead in 2006.  She has been published in newspapers and magazines including the New York Times, Washington Post, Newsweek, BusinessWeek, Chicago Tribune, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.  Her writing has appeared in The San Francisco Chronicle, The American Prospect, The Boston Globe and The Boston Review. She is a frequent television commentator and has appeared on the Colbert Report, Today Show, CNN, Fox News and MSNBC and many others.

About the Initiative for Public Choice & Market Process
Founded in the fall of 2008, the Initiative for Public Choice & Market Process advances the understanding of the economic, political and moral foundations of a free market economy. The Initiative for Public Choice & Market Process supports the growth and development of teaching and research at the College of Charleston School of Business while engaging students and the Charleston business community. Visit or to learn more.

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