Summer Research in Psychology: University of Bremen, Germany



Bremen Town Musicians, 1951 by the artist Gerhard Marcks.

In partnership with the University of Bremen, Germany, we are offering summer internships in Psychology for CofC students.  These are designed as 8-10 week experiences, engaging in full time research in dynamic laboratories at the University of Bremen.


These research internships pair student and faculty interests within various areas of psychology including:  Cognitive psychology, business psychology, social psychology, qualitative psychology, and neuropsychology.  Availability in each area varies annually.  The lab of Dr. Birgit Mathes is among the opportunities available in 2020.  Researchers in her lab are currently testing children at 7-9 months and 14-16 months and will start with 24-27 months olds soon.  In the lab they use EEG, Eye-Tracking and video recordings. They are testing a range of cognitive and socio-emotional skills, including attention, habituation, language, inhibition and helping behavior.  More information can be found here. (use google translate)

Students have participated in this program since 2014.  Examples of some of the previous student research projects include:

  • Qualitative Methods in Psychology: An Overview – Tim Howard, 2014
  • EEG Components as an Indicator of Maturational Changes in Cognition from Adolescence to Young Adulthood. – Abigail Asper, 2015. (check out Abigail’s blog)
  • Exploration of Temporal Prediction in Executive Functioning in Adolescents – Catherine Rizzuto, 2016. (check out Catherine’s blog)
  • Brain Maturation as Measured by Event-Related Oscillations in Adolescents through Electroencephalogram Recording – Holly Fleischmann, 2017. (check out Holly’s blog June-July 2017)
  • Socioeconomic Status and its Effect on Academic Performance -Erik Wilkes, 2018.
Tim poster 2

Students Tim Howard and Abigail Asper discussing their research

Application Process

These research experiences are designed for upper level psychology students who have completed relevant course work in psychology including psych 211 and 220 (or 250), and upper level courses germane to the laboratory of interest. Applicants to this program should have a Psych GPA of 3.0 or higher.

Applications are based upon pairing CofC student interest with U Bremen faculty interest.  Applicants should contact Dr. Michael Ruscio ( to inquire about particular lab openings for a given summer.  January 31st 2020 is the application deadline for summer 2020.  However students are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Ruscio prior to the deadline (by the end of the fall semester or earlier) as statements of interest should be tailored to a specific lab (pending availability in the lab for the coming summer).

  • Application materials must include: A statement of interest (1-3 pages), a current transcript (pdf. of degree audit, my Charleston), and a letter of reference.
  • Materials should be e-mailed by Jan 31st  to Dr. Ruscio (
  • Students will be notified via e-mail of their acceptance to the program.  After acceptance, students will be required to fill out the online enrollment forms for the Center for International Education.  Follow this link, click “apply”, create an account, and complete the required forms: Center for International Education Enrollment -Bremen

Accommodations and Budget.

  • The 2018-19 in-state tuition rate for three credits is approximately $1,422 (plus fees).  The 2018-19 out-of-state tuition rate for three credits is approximately $1,848 (plus fees). The out of state tuition for classes associated with travel are discounted from the Fall and Spring rates.
  • Accommodation must be arranged by the student.  Previously, students have stayed at campus housing at the Fizz (approximately 600.00 per month, subject to change) or rented apartments in Bremen.
  • Flight costs will be paid by the student.

About Bremen: For more information you to can follow this link to the University, or to the Bremen tourism site.


Germany’s largest Roland statue – a symbol of trading rights and freedom since 1404.





Reciprocal Exchange: As part of this program, students from the University of Bremen can engage in research at the College of Charleston for a semester or summer.   Interested students should contact Dr. Michael Ruscio for information regarding current projects and faculty accepting students in spring and summer 2020.