Brown Bag Series With Prof. John Huddlestun (11/16)

Brown Bag Series with Prof. John Huddlestun CONTINUES

A Duped Patriarch, an Unlucky King, and a Conflicted Diviner: Reading Biblical Stories in Multiple Dimensions

12:15 —1:15 pm Arnold Hall, Jewish Studies Center

Coffee, soft drinks, and desserts provided. Bring your own lunch.

In this final  brown bag series, we will engage in a close reading of a biblical story of Balaam, a professional diviner hired to curse the Israelites, in the book of Numbers. In our reading and discussion, we will draw upon a variety of interpretive approaches (literary, source-critical, historical, feminist, comparative, etc.) from the biblical scholar’s ever expanding toolbox.

Session 3:  November 16: Numbers 22-24 — Balaam the Diviner: The Defection of a Prophetic Hired Gun

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