Us and Them

Residency Photography Credit: Chad Allen Ortiz

“The Department of Dance with College of Charleston has been an absolute joy to work with. I find their students to be quite strong in their work ethics and powerful movers.” -Michael Nickerson-Rossi ——- Featuring Freshman Julia Kabernagel and Sophomore Laurel Trzeciakiewicz
“Among the work I really wanted the dancers to split and correct the divide that is so clear and evident with environmental racism.” -Michael Nickerson-Rossi ————————–Featuring Senior Bailey McFaden and Freshman Maggie Howe

Freshman Megan Turnquist and Senior Anna Brown
“Working with Michael has been incredible. I appreciate the way he coaches us. He uses words, sounds, and phrases, that aids us in our positioning, which helped us get to where we need to be.” -Senior Dance Major Christina Mahaffie
“It is my goal to push and clear away this intolerance.” -Michael Nickerson-Rossi


“The message he is trying to convey with his work is very important to me. In my home town we have a really definitive racial divide.” -Freshman Dance Major Maggie Howe