Choreographer Leslie Jones focuses on using the image of streaming water and waterfalls as a visual stimuli for choreography and for the dancers as they perform.
I was inspired by individuals efforts to support water conservation. I’ve only recently tried to start cutting back my own water usage but I’ve been inspired by other people I’ve encountered who truly make a great effort to not use more than they need. This dance is really about each individual dancer working through their own efforts and solutions and in the end coming together as a unified, more efficiently functioning whole.
“Working with Leslie is always really enjoyable for me. It feels really good for my body to move within her choreographic style. She is also really good at creating an environment for her dancers that is enjoyable to be a part of. She has a very calm presence, and she is clear with her vision and intentions,” says Junior Dance Major Lily Caggiano. “I have gained some perspective as a choreographer by working with Leslie in this piece. Her choreography challenges me to think of different ways to use the space around me, and new ways to provoke movement.”

Junior Dance Major Celene Lampright


Jones states that she hopes this piece will inspire and empower people to do one’s part in making small, sustainable changes in his or her everyday life. “If each individual person works to be more conscientious, others will often take notice and be inspired and/or take action themselves.”