Salt in the Soil

Kristin Alexander collaborated with marine ecologist Clare Fieseler for the inspiration behind her piece about Ghost Forests. “Ghost Forest are the result of rising sea levels,” stated Alexander. “When I found out the sustainability initiative would be focused on water issues this year I know, I wanted to challenge myself with a topic that was relevant to our area.”
“Throughout the various opportunities I have gotten to work with Kristin, it is apparent that genuine and meaningful connection to the movement itself and the dancers you share the stage with are always points of great significance to her. This work required trust and accute attention to the details of the the connections made between each member of the trio. This piece challenges me to stay at a heightened level of awareness and has improved my ability to make deliberate choices and never ‘throw away’ a moment because each moment has significance.” -Senior Dance Major Angela Vecchione
This beautiful trio features three of the department’s seniors: Angela Vecchione, Mattie Rogers, and Bailey Mcfaden. Their bond off of the stage heightens their chemistry on stage.
Senior Dance Major Bailey Mcfaden
The cast of “Salt in the Soil”
Alexander hopes that the dance will be “a beautiful and haunting interpretation of the changing landscape on the east coast” due to the global climate change issues we are currently facing.