Production Crew

Artistic Director Kristin Alexander. Her guidance and vision has been the driving force behind creating a cohesive, powerful production.
A big thank you to our amazing Stage Manager: Christina Hughes!

Artistic Director: Kristin Alexander

Stage Manager: Christina Hughes

Costume Shop Manager: Ellen Swick

Costume Designers: Ellen Swick, Janine McCabe, Jon Michael-Perry, Rachel Fludd, Cat Morrison, Flynn Valentine, Margaret Lavigne, Maddie Latham

Assistant Stage Manager: Margaret Harman

Lighting Designer: Jesse Portillo

Technical Director: Christian Crum

Sound Engineer: Casey Kelly

Lightboard Operator: Madison Maniaci

Costume Crew: Timiney Fowler, Sophia Koetters

Backstage Crew: Jessie Riley, Kyundra Martin, Jimmie Moore