“My piece was inspired by the question: what does it means to be a good neighbor in order to create a sustainable community? I have been considering all of the times that we need to wait standing in a line with others such as in traffic, at the grocery store, etc. The people in those lines become your neighbor, and some might actually live in your neighborhood and you might not even know it. How do you want to treat them?” -Choreographer Erin Leigh ——————–
Featuring Freshman Dance Major Jayne Pardys
This cast isn’t afraid to let loose and have a little fun during rehearsal.
Leigh was inspired by the following quotation from Mahatma Gandhi: “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.” Leigh stated that, “in order to change our behaviors to the natural world, we need to see ourselves and each other as being valuable and worthy of sustaining.”
“My favorite part of rehearsals has been how experimental Erin’s choreographic process is. She would come in with ideas then be ready to adapt them to how the dancers moved, and even encouraged us to do what felt best. After everyone got the movement, we would go back and clean. This was different from other pieces that I’ve been in since Erin was so open to the dancers interpretation of her vision, which is bringing people together through social dance to form a sustainable future.” -Senior Aly Skiko
Featuring Junior Dance Major Audrey Lamb. Leigh hopes that audiences never feel the same way again when waiting in a line!
The choreography of this piece was influenced by a variety of social dances. Leigh states that “it has been challenging and refreshing to integrate that movement vocabulary with modern dance.” Featuring Senior Dance Major Jon-Michael Perry
Freshman Dance Major Julia Kabernagel