Choreographer Pam O’Briant created a beautiful pointe piece to showcase the loss of glacial ice due to climate change. “My favorite part of creating this piece was figuring out ways to depict ‘ice’ and the advancing and retreating of a glacier. I also enjoyed the enthusiasm of my cast.”

Junior Bethany Rupert states that her favorite parts of the rehearsal process have been “getting to bond with the other girls in the piece and getting to see how the piece has come together to shed light on the issue of icebergs melting. The melting icebergs seems like a big issue that we can do nothing about, but if we can even just bring awareness to the issue and leave the audience thinking, we have done something.”
O’Briant hopes that the audience is transported into the world of “ice” and feels a sense of “loss.” If we don’t address and change the influence of man on the warming of the planet, the loss of glacial ice will impact the environment through sea level rise; this causes flooding and changes in the chemistry of the ocean, as well as changing the environment where the glaciers are affecting the wildlife.”
Choreographer Pam O’Briant giving her dancers corrections in rehearsal
Freshman Dance Majors Megan Turnquist and Sara Berwald