Public Safety bids farewell to a dear friend

By | July 28, 2021

Just a few minutes ago, the Department of Public Safety bid a bitter farewell to Kim Reetz. She’s been a member of the department for over eight years and has become a fixture of our daily lives here. Many of us spend as much time at our jobs as we do at home, and Kim has always made the Department of Public Safety a warm, welcoming, and friendly place for everyone here.

Pictured in the photo below, Deputy Chief Broughton and Detective Gillard attempt to persuade Kim not to leave as she makes her final departure.

Always, Kim, we wish you nothing but the best and lots of love. Fair winds and following seas. You will be missed!

From Chief Chip Searson:

“Sadly, we said goodbye a few minutes ago to our Kimberly Reetz as she departed for the last time.  We tried everything we could to keep her from leaving. “Kimmerly”, we wish you safe travels and many touchdowns in Texas.  You are loved here and will be truly missed.”

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