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By | March 23, 2016

Dear College of Charleston Students, Faculty, and Staff:

The 39th Annual Cooper River Bridge Run and Walk is less than two weeks away.   I want to send you the Race details as they relate to traffic in downtown Charleston.  The Race is on Saturday, April 2, beginning at 7:15 AM with the Bridge Run Parade, 7:30AM the Wheel Chair Race, and then the 10K Run and Walk beginning at 8 AM.  We are estimating approximately 40,000 participants and 15-20,000 additional enthusiasts.


Buses will be loading from downtown on Calhoun Street in front of the Gaillard Auditorium from 5-6:45 AM.    We will be closing the Ravenel Bridge and diverting all traffic to 1-526 promptly at 7AM when the RACE Route and side roads will be closed to traffic.


For safety and security reasons we have implemented a pedestrian security zone around the Finish Line area.  Access will be limited in this area to the west side of Meeting Street from Wentworth Street to Calhoun Street.  There will only be two entrances to this section of the race route: one on Wentworth Street between King and Meeting Streets and the other near the First Citizens Bank driveway on Calhoun Street.   At the Wentworth and Calhoun Streets entrance areas there will be safety check areas for each access point.  The side streets, Burns Lane, George St., and Society St. will not have direct pedestrian  access to the sidewalk on the west side of Meeting St.;  to gain access you will have to enter thru the two  security access points.


The east side of Meeting Street will be for resident and business owners only with limited access.   If you live or work on Meeting St. in this stretch please ensure you have an ID with you for entrance at our security check points.  If you live on Society, Wentworth or George Streets or any residence east of Meeting St. and are trying to get to the finish line on Meeting St. you will need to use Anson and Calhoun St. for pedestrian access. On the west side King Street will provide access for you if you reside or work on these streets.


Please be reminded that the Ravenel Bridge will not be open in either direction during the Race beginning at 7 AM.  East Bay Street remains open throughout the Race.  Traffic off King Street will be re-routed onto St. Philip Street from Spring Street and Beaufain Street.  Traffic on Cannon Street will turn at St. Philip Street and flow north or south.  We would ask you to inform your customers, guests, employees and neighbors to be aware of the road closures and have a plan to get to your businesses, homes or destinations.  You will be able to get through the City in all directions, but it may be time consuming, so please plan ahead.

Race Week Highlights for 39th Annual CRBR

  1. The Bridge Run Expo will be at the Charleston Convention Center on March 31-April 1. CARTA buses will be accessible with their normal routes from the VRTC to the Convention Center for downtown to help downtown participants with pick-up assistance.
  2. Hampton Park will be the site of the Kids Run on Friday, April 1, starting at 11AM.
  3. A Taste of the Bridge Run (ticketed event) will be featured at the Charleston Maritime Center on Friday, April 1, 5PM to 8PM featuring several of our downtown restaurants.
  4. Buses for participants will load Saturday beginning at 5AM to 6:45AM from the Gaillard Auditorium and the Aquarium Garage both on Calhoun Street. After the race loading will only be at the Gaillard Auditorium to return participants to Mt. Pleasant and North Charleston until 1 PM.
  5. Marion Square will be used on Saturday, April 2, along with the streets to host the finish festival area. Set up will begin the week of March 28.
  6. The Parking Garages at the Visitor Center, 34 St. Philp St., and Aquarium will allow Bridge Run participants to park from 5 PM on Friday (4/1) to Saturday (4/2) 2PM for a flat $5.00 rate.
  7. In 2017 the 40th Annual Cooper River Bridge Run is scheduled for APRIL 1!!!
  8. For more info: .


If I can help you, do not hesitate to call me at 720-5098.  Thank you for your continued support and patience.



Paul Wieters|Wellness Coordinator

City of Charleston



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