Crime Prevention Update Oct 30 2014

By | November 12, 2014

On behalf of Public Safety, we wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween. As we approach Fall Break, here are a few things to pass along from the Department:

  • Over the next few months, there will be on-going construction in the area of J lot and Jewish Studies.  Please note that this area is off-limits, and any unauthorized entry into the construction site is considered trespassing. With the increase in activity, please continue to stay observant and report any suspicious activity you may see to Public Safety. Remember, you can report any non-emergency anonymously by calling the Crime Action Line (843)953-4998 or by filling out a Silent Witness form on our website.
  • Since the start of the academic year, there has been an increase in bicycle larcenies, particularly in the area surrounding New Student Programs and Berry and McAlister Residence Halls. Public Safety has made an effort to increase patrols in this area, in addition to working with on-campus partners to add additional bike racks throughout campus. We are asking for your help in reducing crime rates on campus by taking extra measures to secure your personal property. Never leave your bicycle unsecure, and refrain from locking it to fixed objects such as trees, light poles, etc. Public Safety recommends that you secure your bike with a U-Lock, which can be purchased at the campus bookstore, or any local bicycle shop.
  • The Department of Public Safety will be conducting our annual Campus Safety Walk on November 5, 2014 at 6:30pm. We will meet in the lobby of Stern Center. This is an opportunity for faculty, staff, and students to take back the campus by walking along with Public Safety officers to acknowledge any safety hazards or concerns. We highly encourage you to come out, participate, and enjoy free food with Public Safety.
  • Be social with us! If you have not already, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for departmental news, upcoming events, and other important information.  If you are having trouble accessing our pages, please make sure you are signed into your social media account.

Crime Prevention Tip:

As you are celebrating Halloween this year, please use a heightened sense of awareness. If you are operating a motor vehicle, be cognizent of trick-or-treaters, especially in residential areas. Young children may not always look before crossing the street.


If you plan on partaking in Halloween festivities, remember that no one over 16 may wear a mask in public, and even that is only allowed for actual Trick-or-Treat activities. If attending a late night or costume party, people must wait until they arrive to put on any masks.

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