Anthology Project Outline

For my anthology contribution I intend to focus on the early economic debates that occurred in Colonial America. Largely I’d like to find things all about the transition to paper money. The catalyst for this project was my discovery of an actual essay from Colonial America called “An Essay on Currency.”  This was written in […]

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The early stages of my archival project

I have decided to focus on my research efforts on the health and medicinal area of colonial life in South Carolina. While I digitally sifted through several DIY (do-it-yourself) medical remedies for peoples self care at home using local herbs, plants and homemade medicines I found the letters between Dr. Alexander Garden (one of SC’s first […]

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Anthology: Print Culture

I will put in a collection of poems selected from Cohen’s book South Carolina Gazette. I have not chosen which poems yet. I also plan to transcribe a satirical article from the editor of the Gazette that discusses the printing of a fake new newspaper from February of 1732. As a back up plan I […]

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The Letterbook of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and the poem Indico: Revealing Heart of Carolina’s Large Cash Crop

The two documents I have chosen to explore are letters from, The Letterbook of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and the poem Indico. I was drawn to the letters from Pinckney because I was astounded by her large roll in running plantations, handling business matters, and generating one of the colonies largest cash crops next to rice, […]

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Old-Fashioned Foodie

My goal is to discover what I can about the food culture of colonial South Carolina. As someone who eats everyday, I think about food a lot. My Southern family has given me a hearty appreciation of comfort foods like fried chicken, beans and rice, fried green tomatoes, and the like. It will be really […]

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