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Now that I am nearing the twilight of this project I have found many things I appreciate about completing this project. The undertaking of an archival project in just 2-3 months time is a challenge and thankfully I like challenges. Searching for primary sources/primary documents was the most difficult part for me and the second […]

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The early stages of my archival project

I have decided to focus on my research efforts on the health and medicinal area of colonial life in South Carolina. While I digitally sifted through several DIY (do-it-yourself) medical remedies for peoples self care at home using local herbs, plants and homemade medicines I found the letters between Dr. Alexander Garden (one of SC’s first […]

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CH 12: The start of a revolution

“Our properties within our own territories be not taxed or regulated by any power on earth but our own.” ― Thomas Jefferson Wier chronicles each event that pressured the colonists to revolt against the crown starting in the year 1764, just a dozen years prior to the American independence. A running theme with these events is […]

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Bonus Question!

My experience anthologizing Cabeza de Vaca was an interesting and difficult one. I never thought about how anthologies were put together, I figured the most popular works of authors just happened to be compiled together simply because they were revered/popular. In my 299 class last semester we looked at Norton anthologies from the 60’s, 70’s, […]

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The Haunting of Elizabeth Knapp

Elizabeth Knapp was a house servant to Reverend Samuel Willard in Groton, Massachusetts and in 1671 she suffered what is described as a demonic possession. Unlike the fictional horror movies we are familiar with chapter 13 (irony?) of Hall’s “Puritans” is the real account of Elizabeth Knapp’s violent and frightening ordeal with who she said […]

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A Whole New World

The Puritan way of life was threatened by expansion in that the local community became weaker and weaker as people moved further from the epicenter of the settlement. People gained access to new plots of land and took their families with them and started to grow away from the original place the Puritans. As people […]

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Smart Buisness Moves by the the Dutch

The link provided was a book describing the narratives surrounding the New Netherlands and featured parts of the actual narratives. This was not a relation like the Cabeza de Vaca book we read earlier in class but a collection of bits and pieces of narratives written in succession from 1609-1665. What I have concluded below […]

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The Magic of 4

I was interested in the commonality of 4 showing up in many of the myths throughout the book.     In class we discussed the number 4 being representative of the four seasons or the four cardinal winds but I had a feeling that 4 went deeper than that. I pondered to come up with […]

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Top Two Creation Myths

The core theme of all the stories in units 1 and 2 of the American Indian Myths and Legends book is creation: how the world and humanity as the Native Americans knew it at the time of these tales is explained to the extent of why skin complexions differ, why familiar animals came to be […]

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