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Reflection of Our Anthology Project

Nearing the end of the semester, I reflect back on this Literature class and our Anthology project with mixed feelings. I enjoyed the class as a whole, and I greatly appreciate the vast amount of information that I obtained in such a short time. Although, this information certainly came at a cost – that being […]

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Chapter 11: The Cherokee War and the Indirect Challenge to the Carolina Gentry

When the Carolina colony was first being erected, the crown in England enforced salutary neglect, meaning that giving the colonists free reign with little authority would produce a more productive colony. However, after King George’s War of 1748, the British felt it necessary to reverse their original order. The British feared that the Carolina colonists […]

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Anne Hutchinson’s Attack on Puritanism

In Chapter 21 of David Hall’s Puritans in the New World: A Critical Anthology, the examination of Anne Hutchinson before the court and followed by her own written response gives an interesting (although somewhat confusing) view of her beliefs and the church’s disapproval. Anne Hutchinson was brought to court for defying the magistrates and ministers […]

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