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Anthology Reflection

It’s been a rather long and challenging semester, both in terms of research within this class and my course load in general. I knew at the beginning of this course that I’d be spending an ungodly amount of hours in the library, but could never have estimated that combined with the material I was working […]

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Chapter 9: Society: The Social Aggregate

One of the main points this chapter tries to make is the difference between different regions of the state. The backcountry was an area of lawlessness – men of property were the law against rustlers and thieves. The lowcountry, however, was the richest society in colonial America at the time (214). This was, of course, […]

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Roger Williams: Separatist, Baptist, “Seeker.”

In my assigned chapter, Roger Williams: Separatist, Baptist, “Seeker,” we’re presented with an example very similar to the case of Anne Hutchinson. Williams spoke out for how he felt the church should be run and was persecuted for it, with threats of exile. He left and started his own group in another area to avoid […]

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Biblical Influence on Thomas Weld

 Thomas Weld makes frequent religious references throughout his piece. In “To His Former Parishioners at Terling, he spends a large amount of time making religious references. Much of his account is attributed to scripture as indicated by bracketed references; on top of that, however, Weld makes flat out comparisons between Biblical occurrences and his current […]

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Yeardley’s Pleas for Carolina

Frances Yeardley is, at the time this piece was written a humble minister in the Virginia area. Written in 1654, the narrative is an account of ventures made into the Carolina region by some of his acquaintances and neighbors. He is from a family who is historically prominent in Virginian affairs; this narrative, however, outlines […]

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The Sacred Weed

The Sacred Weed is a tale about the significance behind the ritualism that Native Americans associated with smoking tobacco. The preface to this tale helps the reader to understand the truth behind this piece – for Native Americans, smoking was a spiritual act, a way of transcendence. By providing a comparison to the way in […]

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