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Reflection on Anthology Project

When we first began our anthology project, I was overwhelmed by the amount of documents, collections and literary works that were readily available to me. Before even jumping in and exploring I developed a preconceived idea of what I wanted to find; personal letters that I could contextualize within the colonial period. It did not […]

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The Letterbook of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and the poem Indico: Revealing Heart of Carolina’s Large Cash Crop

The two documents I have chosen to explore are letters from, The Letterbook of Eliza Lucas Pinckney and the poem Indico. I was drawn to the letters from Pinckney because I was astounded by her large roll in running plantations, handling business matters, and generating one of the colonies largest cash crops next to rice, […]

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Chapter 8: Blacks, Whites, and Slavery

Slavery in South Carolina during the colonial period was a delicate system that consisted of constant waves of tension, brutality, suppression and instability. After the high fluctuations of Africans into the Carolinas, whites, teetered on unstable ground knowing that there was a constant, unpredictable risk of revolts. At the beginning of the colonial period the […]

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Argument of Conscience

The argument of conscience arises when Massachusetts’s government inflicts punishment on three Baptists who defy the law. The argumentative exchange is in the form of letters, one from Roger Williams to Governor John Endicott, the other from Sir Richard Saltonstall to ministers John Cotton and John Wilson. Through these letters they express their concern of […]

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Truth Funneled Through Intent

 According to historian, Alan Taylor, the discovery of a new and fertile land, named “Carolina” in honor of King Charles the II, created a great buzz of excitement as well as curiosity that spread throughout England. The discovery of this seemingly abundant land in 1670 was something Taylor denotes to the West Indian planters. These […]

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Powerful Babies, Rituals, Tricksters and The Figure 4: Motifs Well Worth Noting.

            American Indian Myths and Legends has many strong, reoccurring themes throughout all of its stories that reflect the important principals of the Native American Indians. The understanding of these repeated symbols and actions can aid in our general understanding of what was essential to these people and why. The stories, […]

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One with Nature

The mythical story, Rabbit Boy, encompasses the Native American’s cultural value of equality in terms of people and their natural surroundings. The setting of this narrative takes place in a time where all people, animals, objects and actions are in the same social realm. They all exist together in accordance to “nature’s plan” and not […]

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