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As the Anthology Project comes to a close, I find myself appreciating the aspects of the project more and more. The project, while overwhelming at times, proved very interesting in many ways. From searching databases to find documents to visiting the South Carolina Historical Society, this project was enjoyable in the material we were focusing […]

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Anthology Project

After the material we have studied this semester and our class discussion of colonial South Carolina, I became most interested in researching the issue of disease during this time period. In conducting my archival research, my goals were to find documents that gave information on the different types of disease, cures and symptoms that effected […]

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Chapter 11: The Cherokee War and the Indirect Challenge to the Carolina Gentry, Summary

Chapter 11, “The Cherokee War and the Indirect Challenge to the Carolina Gentry” covers the constant power struggle between British and American authorities. The power struggle and assumption the British authorities had that South Carolinians were “backwards colonials” interfered with the ability to protect the colony during the war (Weir 265). After a dispute with […]

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Renewal of the Covenant

In Chapter nineteen, minister Increase Mather’s The Necessity of Reformation closely fits into the Puritan theological and cultural worldview. New England feared the onset of war with the Native Americans was God punishing the people for becoming disconnected with him, and breaking the covenant. To prevent future punishment, the General Court enforced several laws, restricting […]

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Submission to God’s Will

The puritans believed that the human spirit expressed and acted as God’s will. Because humans have lost the ability to directly communicate with God, according to the Puritans, the human soul is the way in which this communication could be found. Specifically, the puritans believed that communication with God was achieved through the reading of […]

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“Affidavit of Four Men from the Key of Camar”

In Narratives of Early Pennsylvania, West New Jersey and Delaware, the excerpt, “Affidavit of Four Men From the Key of Calmar, 1638” describes the events of the first Swedish expedition. The authors of this excerpt served on the Key Calmar, a Dutch-built ship used for trade. Two of the men, Michell Sionssen and Peter Johanssen, […]

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Emphasis on Gender Roles

The Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca presents the expedition to the new world through de Vaca’s personal accounts. During his journey, Cabeza de Vaca is immersed into the native Indian culture, experiencing several different tribes. The exploration narrative is both a dramatic tragedy and a descriptive tale. De Vaca’s personal accounts describe the shift he […]

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The Modoc Tribe: Honoring Nature

Among the many tribes depicted within these myths and legends is the Modoc Tribe. “The Modoc” holds the meaning, “southerners”. The Modoc tribe held a great respect for animals, seeing them as their ancestors. They also held animals at a high respect because they believed them to be a creation from the Sky god. One […]

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