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I chose to do my project on the South Carolina Gazette because it seemed like it might be a good place to find a variety of things even possibly literature. As it turns out, the gazette did actually have a lot. Finding something interesting to use for the project ended up being rather easy. The […]

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Anthology: Print Culture

I will put in a collection of poems selected from Cohen’s book South Carolina Gazette. I have not chosen which poems yet. I also plan to transcribe a satirical article from the editor of the Gazette that discusses the printing of a fake new newspaper from February of 1732. As a back up plan I […]

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Chapter 10 Society: Aspirations and Achievement

In this chapter of Colonial South Carolina: A History, Weir deals with the elite class and the function of society for them. Wealth in coming over from England played a role in attaining elite status but maintaining it was a different matter. With high mortality rates just maintaining a family lineage was a major obstacle […]

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reflections on anthologies

With the assignment to make an anthology for Cabeza de Vaca’s narrative I became more aware of the kinds of maneuvering that an editor must do in order to make a coherent selection. The introduction will hopefully prepare the reader for the chosen selections and also introduce the theme or ideas that motivate the editors […]

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Reflections on Chapter 12: Anne Bradstreet on Meditation

In his introduction to the chapter 12 of Puritans in the New World, David Hall explains that Anne Bradstreet used her writing as a form of religious meditation. The religiously toned content reflects this purpose for her writing. In the legacy notes for her son she combines Puritan values with household and maternal values. Bradstreet describes […]

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emigration and new success

Prompt:  According to Taylor, how did the Puritan worldview both precipitate their departure for New England, and help them adjust when they arrived. Taylor explains that the relationship that the Puritans had with the church and state in England as a result of the religious beliefs precipitated their emigration from England. With the king as the […]

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excerpts from the Narrative of Cabeza de Vaca

Cabeza de Vaca’s narrative recounts his travels through the North American South from what is now Florida to Mexico. The purpose of his tail as noted in his introduction is to explain to the Spanish crown what he got out of the years spent in America. Though his mission was one of conquest, his story […]

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note for story on page 392 of Erdoes text

As I read the story “Origin of the Gnawing Beaver” I wondered what it meant by the crest. I don’t typically associate crests with Native Americans so I decided to look up what that meant. As it turns out the Haida people to whom the story belongs are known for their art specifically their totem […]

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Black Elk Speaks

I think that the production of Black Elk Speaks ties into our question of the influences on the American Indian Myths and Legends text we are reading for class. Black Elk speaks is the life story of a Lakota holy man who lived during the Indian Wars. This particular  book is the most popular books pertaining […]

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