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Ben Guion Colonial Carolina Reflection

To begin with my overall interpretation of this project of creating an anthology, I was immediately intrigued with the idea of working together as a class to create something larger than us and that would branch outside of the classroom.  I thought that doing this was one of the first ‘real’ times I have felt […]

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Bonus Question

It has been entertaining to see what does and does not make it into the anthologies we have read thus far.  Granted we obviously have not seen all the possible choices that were potentials for either the Indian Myths or The Puritans but we did get a prime example of what the editors of those […]

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Chapter 10 John Winthrop

This chapter focuses on Winthrop’s struggle between finding faith in the Lord and reaching his own salvation. It begins with his childhood, stating that he did have an early education in Christ but that it was mostly of “frighting or danger.” This ties into the idea of the puritan children receiving education and ties into […]

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Religion and Other Interests

While reading a few of the myths in the Myths and Legends book I continuously ran across (what I considered to be an example of religion).  This may be from my pre conceived notions that being raised a Christian gave me.  Nonetheless I was interested in the idea of a “god like” figure that appears […]

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