BONUS: Reflecting on Anthologizing and Editing Theme

It has definitely been entertaining to see the different works that editors chose to add into certain collections and anthologies that we have read thus far.  To me, it has really opened my eyes to the level of difficulty involved with tackling this type of literary task.  Before now I had never really considered the process of constructing an anthology, and the idea that texts must be strategically and very carefully chosen to convey a certain message to audiences.  In relation to our course and the theme of “anthologizing/editing,” our work thus far has informed our knowledge of compiling a collection of specific works and organizing them in a manner that is understandable and cohesive for others to use.  I believe that our exploration of these different works will allow us to better conceptualize what we want in our own anthology based on the strengths and weaknesses that we have observed in others.  Our reading and analysis thus far has only enhanced the work that we plan to do within the next few weeks remaining in the course.

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