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Moore Student Research Conference Accepting Applications

Posted by: wichmannkm | January 20, 2017 | No Comment |

The 2017 William Moore Student Research Conference will take place on Friday, March 31. Students interested in participating can apply at http://goo.gl/forms/qbkNf0hNgC. Applications are due Friday, February 17. The conference is an opportunity for advanced high school and undergraduate students to present research on a variety of topics, including Southern and South Carolina politics, civil rights, political extremism, educational opportunity and economic development, political communication, human geographies and world politics. It is held in honor of William V. Moore, Ph.D., and reflects Professor Moore’s passionate commitment to undergraduate education and improving political discourse and educational and economic opportunities for all South Carolinians. Questions about this conference can be directed to Dr. Mark Long (LongM@cofc.edu) or Dr. Chris Day (DayC@cofc.edu).  Additional information about the conference can be found at http://polisci.cofc.edu/student-ops/student-research-conf.php.

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