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Career Cafe Series Offers Opportunity for Students to Learn from Alumni

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From left to right – Kate Tiller (’07), Margaret Pilarski (’07), Brady Quirk-Garvan (’08), and Meredith Gerber (CofC Career Center)

From left to right – Kate Tiller (’07), Margaret Pilarski (’07), Brady Quirk-Garvan (’08), and Meredith Gerber (CofC Career Center)

A political science degree can open many doors. That was the theme that emerged as College of Charleston Political Science Department alumni shared how they navigated their careers after graduation during the Career Café Series Kickoff Luncheon on September 9, 2016.

Alumni participants were Brady Quirk-Garvan (’08), Business Development Associate at Natural Investments: “Money With A Mission,” and the Chairman of the Charleston County Democratic Party; Margaret Pilarski (’07), Writer and Consultant for SeaChange; and Kate Tiller (’07), Director of Student-Athlete Academic Services at College of Charleston. In addition, College of Charleston Career Counselor, Meredith Gerber, shared valuable information on networking and the myriad of services offered by the Career Center (for more information on these services, please visit careercenter.cofc.edu).

The panelists provided practical advice on what students can do now to prepare for their professional lives and what they can expect in the workforce. Panelists shared stories about professors who encouraged them to get involved and how their political science courses taught them to think critically and develop excellent writing skills. Not only did the panelists share their career successes, but they also addressed how they managed career setbacks and stressed the importance of being open to change. Students also had an opportunity to ask questions.

According to Political Science Department Chair, Gibbs Knotts, “the Career Café Series is part of a larger strategy to help our majors become ‘career ready’ and better prepare for life after college.”  He thanked alumni for helping our current students prepare for the workforce and stressed the value of political science, saying that “we want students to know that a political science degree can help students be prepared for a variety of career options.”

The focus for the next Career Café Series Luncheon in October will be on job opportunities in the nonprofit sector.  Political science alumni will discuss why they decided to pursue careers in the nonprofit sector and how the political science major has prepared them for their positions. Two additional luncheons, focusing on careers in the public and private sectors, will take place in the Spring.

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