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Alumni Spotlight Interview with Courtney Alexander

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Courtney Alexander, 2014 Political Science Major and Deputy Communications Director for Congressman Ralph Abraham (LA-05)

Courtney Alexander, 2014 Political Science Major and Deputy Communications Director for Congressman Ralph Abraham (LA-05)

Alumnus Courtney Alexander graduated in 2014 with a double major in Political Science and Communications. We recently caught up with Courtney to ask her about what she’s been doing since walking across the Cistern in May.

What did you do after graduation?

Immediately after graduation, I received a job offer to serve as the Field Director for Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy during the 2014 midterm elections. Working for one of the top three most competitive senate races in the country is really what gave me my first spark. Cassidy beat incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu 56% to 44%.

Once the election was over what did you do?

I was appointed Deputy Communications Director to Congressman Ralph Abraham’s staff.  I wake up really early and read all the news. I pick out all of the important things everyone should know. Then we work on what messages need to get out to the constituents that day. I also handle all of Congressman Abraham’s Veterans Affairs legislation as well.

What role did internships play in your college experience?

I had an internship every semester since my sophomore year, which gave me valuable experience. My internship with Congressman Mark Sanford inspired me to focus on campaign work. In addition, I interned for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the College of Charleston Athletic Communications Department, and broadcasting station WJLA-TV. My internships were very very valuable, and I couldn’t be where I am today without them.

What do you see as the value of a political science degree?

What I learned in class was reinforced by my internships.  Having a Political Science background gives you such knowledge of what’s going on; it gives you an understanding and an edge. There is such a great structure in Charleston, which is something you necessarily can’t get anywhere else. Your teachers really do care and they really are important people. Dr. Mike Lee taught a class on political communication that also helped me decide my career path.  Having a dual degree in Political Science and Communications is great because I communicate with people every day. Communication helps me consolidate and present messages that stick with people.

Do you have any advice for current political science majors?

Use the CofC community! College of Charleston has a huge alumni network with great alumni that are always willing to help everyone else out. Utilize the alumni and your professors too. Do not be afraid to email someone and ask for help. Put yourself out there and work harder than anyone else and your work will not go unnoticed. I also think it is important for Political Science students to be open to everyone’s opinion. While the political environment today is a little divided, it is important to understand where everyone’s viewpoints lie. Understanding where other people’s viewpoints lie makes me a better communicator which is very valuable skill to have for my job today.

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