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American Government Class meets a U.S. Congressman

Posted by: Erin Blevins | March 11, 2014 | No Comment |
Congressman Mark Sandford talking to American Government students

Congressman Mark Sanford talking to American Government students

Students in Dr. LaTasha Chaffin’s American Government class were fortunate to have a U.S. Congressman as a guest speaker in their class on Monday, March 10, 2014.  As part of a lesson on Congress, Dr. Chaffin had invited Congressman Mark Sanford to speak to her class.

Dr. Chaffin had this to say about his visit:

“I appreciate that Congressman Sanford was willing to share his wealth of federal- and state-level policy experience with my American Government class.  He spoke about the economics of governmental budgeting from the viewpoint of a fiscal conservative, his sponsored legislation proposing that the NSA Inspector General be more independent and his non-support of a government mandated minimum wage.

Congressman Sanford was very engaging with the students as he inquired about their backgrounds and gave the students ample opportunity to ask questions about the Congressional policy process.  He also encouraged the students to exercise their civic duty by becoming involved in the political process, including exercising their right to vote.   The opportunity for the students to meet and interact with a sitting Congressman was invaluable and I wanted the students to be exposed to varying political ideologies and to the leadership that is representing the interests of the 1st district of South Carolina.”


American Government class with Congressman Mark Sanford

American Government class with Congressman Mark Sanford

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