Wonder Woman

As far as backstories go, I find “Wonder Woman” to be one of the most compelling and enjoyable movie adaptations, on par with “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight.” Gal Gadot is fantastic. How many women could take on the mantle of Wonder Woman and actually pull it off? From a physics perspective, there’s not a lot that stands out in this movie, but it should be a fun preview for “Justice League” later this semester.

Assignment:¬†Although we must be willing to accept some flaunting of the laws of physics to truly enjoy any superhero movie, I still expect you, as students of physics, to be able to spot obvious flaws. To help you in this, I want you to read and write a summary of one of the chapters from “The Science of Superheroes” (available in electronic form through the library web page) or “The Physics of Superheroes” (available on reserve in the library). Your post should be a comprehensive summary of the chapter, touching on all of the main topics/themes.

Please post your entry to your blog by Sunday, 15 Oct.

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