Apr 18 2014

Congratulations to this year’s student award and departmental scholarship winners

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A big congratulations to this ears student award and departmental scholarship winners:

HSS Scholar: Stefan Koester
Outstanding Student in Philosophy: Erica Lux and Joseph Suthers
Tomo Cook Scholarship 2014 – 2015: Matthew Rabon and Rebbeca Stanley

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Apr 18 2014

Profs. Boyle, Nadelhoffer, and Nunan to present at Pacific Division APA Meeting

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Profs. Deborah Boyle, Thomas Nadelhoffer, and Richard Nunan will be presenting at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division meeting this week.

Prof. Deborah Boyle will be providing the commentary for the invited symposium, The Philosophy of Mary Astell.

Prof. Thomas Nadelhoffer will be giving a talk as part of the invited symposium, The Philosophy and Psychology of Moral Humility.

Prof. Richard Nunan will chair the symposium of the Society for the Philosophical Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts and present a paper, 12 Monkeys and Observation Equivalence Among Time Travel Films.

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Apr 10 2014

Prof. Baker giving a paper at the Association of Private Enterprise Education annual meeting

Prof. Jennifer Baker will be presenting a paper, “Virtue and Civic Liberty: Past Actions and Present Requirements” at the annual meeting of the Association of Private Enterprise Education, April 14th in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Apr 08 2014

Professor Coseru invited to speak at Marquette University

Professor Coseru will deliver a talk, “A Buddhist View of Cognitive Phenomenology” at Marquette University as part of the “Self-Awareness and Subjectivity in Consciousness: Buddhist and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives” workshop, on Tuesday, April 10, 2014.

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Mar 21 2014

Dirty Politics: The Role of Disgust in Political and Moral Judgment

In recent years a great deal of psychological research has highlighted the powerful role emotions play in shaping our attitudes and judgments. Evidence has been found that individuals who are more easily disgusted in everyday life tend to have different moral and political views than those who are less easily disgusted. This research helps shed light on how basic differences in emotion can give rise to differences in our judgement about the social world that surrounds us.

Monday April 7, 2014 6:00 PM Wells Fargo Auditorium (Beatty Center)

Pizarro Lecture

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Mar 06 2014

Professor Coseru invited to speak at TCU’s Ronald E. Moore Humanities Symposium on “Consciousness”

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Professor Coseru will deliver a talk, “Consciousness and Causal Explanation” at TCU’s Ronald E. Moore Humanities Symposium on “Consciousness.” Apart from his presentation, Professor Coseru will also engage in a round table discussion on “Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Buddhism” with Katalin Balog, Bob Kentridge, and Vanessa Miller.

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Mar 05 2014

Prof. Baker publishes two new articles

Prof. Jennifer Baker’s two most recent publications have appeared in print.

“Children’s Agency, Interests, and Medical Consent,” HEC Forum, 25 (4):311-324 (2013).

“Virtue Ethics and Practical Guidance,” Social Philosophy and Policy  30 (1-2):297-313 (2013).

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Feb 21 2014

Prof. Lesses giving a paper at the Workshop in Ancient Philosophy

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Prof. Lesses will be presenting his paper, “Socrates the Stoic: Agency & Rational Eros in the Symposium” at the American Philological Association’s Workshop in Ancient Philosophy in Lexington, KY on 3/22/14.

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Feb 21 2014

Prof. Nadelhoffer publishes a new book chapter and article

Prof. Thomas Nadelhoffer’s two most recent publications have appeared in print.

The book chapter: Nadelhoffer, T. (2014). “Dualism, Libertarianism, and Scientific Skepticism about Free Will.” In W. Sinnott-Armstrong (Ed.), Moral Psychology: Neuroscience, Free Will, and Responsibility (Vol. 4). MIT Press: 209-216.

The article: Nadelhoffer, T., Shepard, J., Nahmias, E., Sripada, C., & Ross, L. (2014). “The Free Will Inventory: Measuring Beliefs about Agency and Responsibility.” Consciousness and Cognition, Vol. 25: 27-41.

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Jan 29 2014

Professor Neufeld invited to speak at UCLA’s “Britten and Literature” conference

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The LA Opera is in the midst of a three year Britten cycle, which will conclude with their performances of Billy Budd in February 2014.  In conjunction with the opening of Billy Budd, Robert Fink (Department of Musicology), Efrain Kristal (Departments of Comparative Literature and Spanish and Portuguese), and Kenneth Reinhard (Departments of English and Comparative Literature) are organizing a conference on “Benjamin Britten and Literature” at UCLA on Feb. 20 and 21, 2014.

Professor Neufeld will deliver a talk, “’So much is confusion!’ Britten and the public role of expressive ambiguity.”

For more information and the full program, see the conference website.

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