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Congratulation to Our Newest Alumni

Posted by: Kate Kenney-Newhard | June 10, 2015 | No Comment |

On a beautiful spring day (May 16), nine philosophy majors walked across the Cistern to receive their diplomas and join the ranks of CofC alumni.  (Four additional        students completed their degrees, but chose not to attend the commencement ceremonies).  It is a privilege to be able to teach such fine young men and women.  Congratulations to our 2015 graduates and award winners!

2015 Graduates: (double major noted in parentheses)

Chris Carron (Psychology)
Gabriel Davidson
Patrick Ferri
Matt Fiacco
Thomas Garrison
Jason Herman
Jillian Patton
William Price (Political Science)
Nick Schloss
Rebecca Stanley (Political Science)
Erin Trent
Jordan van Horn
Jake Webb (Math; Honors College)
2015 Award Winners: The following award winners were recognized at a departmental luncheon.

Outstanding Students: Jordan van Horn, Chris Carron

Departmental Honors: Jake Webb

HSS Scholars: Rebecca Stanley and Jake Webb
Career Plans: Gabriel Davidson and Jake Webb have accepted teaching positions (in Baltimore, MD and France, respectively).  William Price will attend the University of Connecticut Law School.  Chris Carron, Patrick Ferri, Thomas Garrison Rebecca Stanley, Jordan van Horn, and Jake Webb all plan to apply to graduate or professional schools, with interests in philosophy, psychology, law school, and the ministry.

2015 GraduationAward Lunch IAward Lunch II

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