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Profs. Boyle, Nadelhoffer, and Nunan to present at Pacific Division APA Meeting

Posted by: Kate Kenney-Newhard | April 18, 2014 | No Comment |

Profs. Deborah Boyle, Thomas Nadelhoffer, and Richard Nunan will be presenting at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division meeting this week.

Prof. Deborah Boyle will be providing the commentary for the invited symposium, The Philosophy of Mary Astell.

Prof. Thomas Nadelhoffer will be giving a talk as part of the invited symposium, The Philosophy and Psychology of Moral Humility.

Prof. Richard Nunan will chair the symposium of the Society for the Philosophical Study of the Contemporary Visual Arts and present a paper, 12 Monkeys and Observation Equivalence Among Time Travel Films.

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