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Congratulations to Prof. Nadelhoffer on his recent publication in The Philosopher’s Magazine

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2018 Student Awards

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Congratulations to Andre Vanparys for being recognized as an HSS scholar, and for receiving departmental honors. Congratulations to Madeline Leibin for being recognized as an HSS scholar. Congratulations to Katie Buckler and Elizabeth Torpey for receiving outstanding student awards. Congratulations to Zachary Rabinowitz for receiving the Tomo Cook Scholarship.

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This is the highest and most selective honor a graduating student can achieve at the College of Charleston. The Bishop Robert Smith Award was established by former President Theodore Stern to recognize students who demonstrate exceptional leadership and academic excellence.

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Andre Vanparys won 1st place in the Best Paper Prize category in the conference. The title of his paper was “One Person, One Vote: The Conflict Between Representational and Voter Equality”

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Prof. Clark’s Guest Lecture

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Prof. Maudemarie Clark will be giving a guest lecture on Nietzsche’s Nihilism. It will be held on Thursday, April 19 in Arnold Hall Jewish Studies Center at 3:15 pm.

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2018 Bachelor’s Essay Presentations

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Abigael Mslcolm, Elizabeth Torpey, and Andre VanParys will be presenting their bachelor’s essay on Friday, April 13, at 2:00 pm, in ECTR room 111.

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Prof. Hough’s Sabbatical Lecture

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Prof. Hough will be giving a lecture titled When Nietzsche Read Kierkegaards a Philosophical Experiment on Thursday, April 5th at 3:15pm, in RSS room 235.

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 Prof. Baker organized a session on “Virtue and Economics” for the annual PPE Society in New Orleans. 

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Prof. Baker is invited to speak at UNC-Chapel Hill

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Prof. Baker will be giving an invited talk on Tuesday, March 24 at UNC-Chapel Hill. It will be on Practical Virtue Ethics.

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Prof. Christian Coseru will be giving an invited talk at University of California at Berkeley on March 24, 2018, as part of the “Conceptuality and Nonconceptuality in Buddhist Philosophy” workshop.

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