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Edited Volumes:

2010. Mitra, Subrata K./ Malte Pehl / Clemens Spiess (editors) (peer-reviewed). Political Sociology – The State of the Art. (IPSA World of Political Science Series). Opladen and Farmington Hills, MI: Budrich Publishers (other contributors: Dirk Berg-Schlosser, Eva Etzioni-Halevy, Mildred Schwartz, Kay Lawson, Jan van Deth, Prakash Sarangi). Buy the book here!

Refereed Articles:

2016 (peer-reviewed). “The Debate on the Constructive Vote of No Confidence in India – Trading Accountability for Stability?”, Verfassung und Recht in Übersee (Law and Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America), 49 (1) (forthcoming).

2015 (peer-reviewed). “From Lawbreakers to Lawmakers: The Subnational Dimensions of Political Malfeasance and the Criminalization of Indian Electoral Politics”, ASIEN – The German Journal on Contemporary Asia, Nr. 137, October 2015.

2012 (peer-reviewed). “The Study of Politics in Germany: A bibliometric analysis of subfields and methods”, European Political Science, pp.54-70. Article Page.

2008 (peer-reviewed). “Democratic Backlash? Revisiting competing explanations for the 1977 post-Emergency electoral verdict in India”, Asian Journal of Political Science, 16:3 (December 2008). >Journal Homepage!

2005 (peer-reviewed). “Das regionale Gesicht der Nation: Kleine Parteien und Koalitionspolitik in der Indischen Union seit 1998”, Asien – The German Journal on Contemporary Asia, 97 (October 2005), pp.51-71. (Engl.: “The regional face of the nation: Small parties and coalition politics in India since 1998”). > Journal Homepage!

Book Chapters:

2010. “Introduction: Taking Stock of Political Sociology”, in: Mitra, Subrata / Malte Pehl / Clemens Spiess (eds.). Political Sociology – The State of the Art. (IPSA World of Political Science Series). Opladen: Budrich Publishers (with Subrata Mitra).

2010. “Federalism”, in: Mehta, Pratap B./Niraja Gopal Jayal (eds.). The Oxford Companion to Politics in India. Delhi et al.: Oxford University Press, chapter 4 (with Subrata Mitra). Buy the book here.

2005. “Konflikt und Konfliktperzeption in Südasien: Indien im Vergleich“, in: Pfetsch, Frank R. (ed.). Konflikt. Heidelberger Jahrbücher, Vol. 48. Heidelberg/Berlin: Springer, pp.59-73. (Engl.: “Conflict and conflict perception in South Asia: India in comparison”, with Subrata Mitra). Buy the book here.

Other Publications:

2011. Entries “Fractionalization Index”, “Weighted Vote Systems” and “Systems Analysis” in: Kurian, G.T. (ed.). International Encyclopedia of Political Science. Washington, D.C.: CQ Press.

2008. Spiess, Clemens / Malte Pehl. “Die im Schatten sieht man nicht” – Strukturen, soziale Sicherung, Beschäftigungsschutz und Ansätze gewerkschaftlicher Arbeit im informellen Sektor in Indien (Engl.: ‘The Ones in the Shadow Remain Unnoticed’ – Structuration, social security, workplace safety and trade union activity in India’s informal sector economy). Duesseldorf: German Federation of Trade Unions – North-South Net. . Download here!

2005. Malte Pehl et al.. Soziokulturelle Kurzanalyse – Sri Lanka 2005 (Engl.: “Socio-cultural Analysis – Sri Lanka 2005”), Berlin: Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development, Berlin, 2005 (commissioned study).

2004 (editorial review). “Floor-crossing and Nascent Democracies – A neglected aspect of electoral systems? The current South African debate in the light of the Indian experience“, Verfassung und Recht in Übersee, 36:2 (July 2004), pp.195-224 (with Clemens Spiess).

2003. “The Equal Right to Special Treatment? Territory, Identity and Minority Rights Protection in Germany’s Federal Political System” in: Institut du Federalisme (ed.). Federalism, Decentralisation and Good Governance in Multicultural Societies. Travaux de recherche No. 29. Fribourg: Institut du Federalisme, 2003, pp.173-195.

Book Reviews:

2016 Frank Trommler. Kulturmacht ohne Kompass – Deutsche auswärtige Kulturbeziehungen im 20. Jahrhundert. Köln: Böhlau, 2013, in: German Politics and Society, Spring 2016 (forthcoming).

2005 Paul, T.V. / G. John Ikenberry / Peter A. Hall. The Nation State in Question. Princeton: Princeton University Press, in: Journal of Peace Research, September 2005, 42:5.

2004 Ruud, Arild E. The Poetics of Village Politics. Delhi et al.: Oxford University Press, in: Journal of Asian Studies, 63:4, November 2004, pp.1181-1182.

2003 Bedi, Kiran / P. Singh / S. Srivastava. Government@net. New governance opportunities for India. New Delhi et al.: Sage, in: Contemporary South Asia, 12:1 (March 2003).

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