“We are increasingly becoming a multicultural society. The technological innovations of recent years have radically altered the ways in which we learn about, perceive, and explore our world. How is dance affected by this globalization? What cross-currents and influences exist? This concert explores multiculturalism through dance, and will include selections from Bournonville’s Napoli, as well as faculty, student and guest artist choreography, and works presented at the 2014 ACDF regional festival.”

 Gretchen McLaine,

 College of Charleston Director of Dance

Embracing Pangaea



College of Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance

The College of Charleston Department of Theatre and Dance consists of over twenty faculty members who teach a range of courses in the arts of Theatre and Dance and create a series of public performances for the Charleston community.  Our Department is one of a select number in the U.S. accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.  Each academic year there are typically four to five plays presented by the Department in the Emmett Robinson Theatre.  The Emmett Robinson Theatre, named after a man who both studied and taught at the College and who was instrumental in bringing the Theatre Arts into this campus, was built in 1979, seats approximately 310 people, and has been an accommodating venue for plays of widely varied requirements.  Over the years this stage has been the platform on which daring, provocative, and intelligent plays have served to enhance the profile of this Department both regionally and beyond.

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