Face-to-face Training Sessions:

TLT offers face-to-face training sessions on the most commonly used OAKS tools. You can view the TLT Training calendar at http://tlt.eventbrite.com. You can also email tlt@cofc.edu to set up a one-on-one consultation with your instructional technologist.

Step-by-step Tutorials:

For a comprehensive list of tutorials for OAKS tools and other technology applications, please visit: http://blogs.cofc.edu/tlttutorials.  Once there search for either “OAKS” which will pull up ALL of the OAKS tutorials for ALL of the OAKS tools of if you know the name of a specific tool you can enter that name in the Search box.

Below are ONLY a few OAKS tools video and step-by-step text tutorials.  Teaching, Learning and Technology (TLT) can help you get started using the tools within OAKS and designing a hybrid or fully online course.

  • Interact and engage with students in OAKS
  • Faculty: OAKS Virtual Classroom
    Virtual Classroom by YouSeeU is an integrated web-conferencing tool to help you connect with your learners in OAKS with live discussions, online office hours, video-based training and more. Collaborate during a session by sharing slides, files, and live views of your whiteboard or desktop. Integrated into OAKS, it’s easy to schedule, manage and join virtual […]
  • Student: OAKS – Self-enrolling in a Group (v10.3)
    OAKS Groups allows faculty to create self-enroll groups, where students can sign up for the specific group they want.  This tutorial outlines how a student can enroll themselves in a group.  Note:  This is only available if the faculty member has created a self-enroll group within their OAKS class. Step-by-Step Instructions: STUDENT: HOW TO SELF-ENROLL […]
  • Faculty: OAKS Groups
    Step-by-Step Video Tutorials Click the line icon in the upper left corner of the video to play individual videos in the playlist Create group work areas for users with the Manage Groups tool.  Using this tool, faculty can: organize users’ work on projects and assignments. create special work areas for users with different learning needs. […]
  • OAKS – Release Conditions: Create a custom learning path in your course
    Create a custom learning path in a course Release conditions allow you to create a custom learning path through the materials in your course. When you attach a release condition to an item, users cannot see that item until they meet the associated condition. For example, you could attach a release condition to the second […]

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For a list of OAKS tools and their uses, please visit our  OAKS tools list  page.
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