Congratulations to Our 2022 Fulbright Semifinalists

Out of the more than 9,000 students across the U.S. that applied for Fulbright grants, seven CofC students and alumni have been selected as semifinalists. These students demonstrated a range of interests and accomplishments in teaching, research, and academic studies, as shown in the scope of their chosen countries and awards.

  • Omorose Aighewi: Study Grant, Taiwan
  • Kate Coffey: English Teaching Assistantship, Rwanda
  • Tanner Crunelle: Study Grant, Netherlands
  • Baker Garland: English Teaching Assistantship, Germany
  • Kelly Lifchez: English Teaching Assistantship, Russia
  • Emilia Olson: Study Grant, Sweden
  • AnneMarie Underwood: English Teaching Assistantship, Mexico


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