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Voter Initiative Drive

By bushtl
Posted on 15 April 2014 | 4:14 pm — 

On Monday, April 14th, the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services in conjunction with the ACLU of South Carolina held their first voting initiative drive and forum at the Wells Fargo Auditorium.   Seeing the need for greater awareness among students of their role within the elective process, MSPS Student Assistant and SC Voting Rights Intern, Roysean Philson, was the primary organizer of the event along with assistance from David Michener.

2014:4 Voter Inititiative

A great success, over fifty people attended the drive which Roysean Philson envisioned as “a free non-partisan effort aimed at both helping students to acquire voter photo I.D. needed to vote in South Carolina and at raising awareness among students of their voting rights and the importance of exercising their right to vote not just in federal but in state and local elections as well.

Emerging issues that a student’s vote will help to determine include the possible CofC/MUSC merger, SC CofC/Higher Ed censorship, and CofC Presidential candidates, all of which are determined or influence by elected officials in South Carolina. There are also many local regulations that are determined by our city and county elected officials that affect the lives of students, staff and faculty.”

WeRise Appreciation Bags

By bushtl
Posted on 3 April 2014 | 3:33 pm — 




Last week the members of WeRise got together to put Appreciation Baskets together for female faculty and staff members who have mentored, assisted or been strong and supportive role models during their time at CofC.

Featured in the photo are WeRise member, Shana Lambert, as she presents her appreciation bag to Director of Strategic Initiatives, Ms. Deni Mitchell.

CofC Students at Work in the Community

By bushtl
Posted on 1 April 2014 | 10:47 am — 



College of Charleston student, Anne Olsen,  is a senior Bachelor of Science major.  She has a double major in Biology and psychology with a minor in Neuroscience.  Anne is one of PetSmart’s fun and talented dog trainers.  Finn, Dr. T’s adopted puppy, recently graduated from the Beginner Education course taught by Anne.  Some of the skills Finn learned were:  simple cues such as “sit – down – come –  leave and stay”.  He also learned a couple of fun tricks like “roll-over”.  Finn has signed up for the Intermediate Training session with his favorite teacher – Anne.



By bushtl
Posted on 25 March 2014 | 11:26 am — 

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check out the photographic campaign of the Black Student Union entitled

“I, TOO, AM CofC” which features students and staff – please take a few minutes to have a look.  It is a powerful and thought provoking testament that merits attention.

The following is from the website of the Black Student Union about the campaign:

“I, Too, AM COFC”  is a Black Student Union campaign inspired by Harvard University’s “I, TOO, AM Harvard.” Our intent is to grab the attention of students, faculty, and administrators to the ongoing diversity related issues on our campus, including our college’s presidential search. These issues have been overlooked, or simply gone unnoticed. With the “I, TOO, AM COFC” campaign, we are demanding attention and we are demanding action, because 6% percent is simply not enough. Focus needs to be put on recruitment and especially retention. We do not feel welcomed at the College of Charleston and Black Student Union desires a campus that is inclusive and welcoming to ALL students. Here are our struggles.

-Tasheera Cooper, Black Student Union President
Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science, May 2014


Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.22.15 AM


Mr. Floyd Breeland, Mrs. Felicia Breeland, and Dr. Teresa Smith joined Cynthia Alston-Bell and Dr. Thaddeus John Bell for the Scholarship Endowment ceremony at MUSC on February 20, 2014.

The Thaddeus John Bell, M.D. Scholarship Endowment, created in 2006 at Coastal Community Foundation, recently reached a milestone of $250,000.  The Fund, endowed with support from Dr. Bell’s family, friends, colleagues, and designated profits from the Lowcountry Jazz Festival, will grant its inaugural scholarships this year.  Friends of the Fund gathered for a reception at MUSC on February 20th to celebrate the effort.  Dr. Bell’s passion about preventative health care, healthy living, fitness for children, and increasing the workforce with African Americans in health care resulted in starting Closing the Gap in Health Care (CTGIHC) for African Americans and the underserved.  It airs radio and TV health tips to improve health literacy, a major cause of health disparities that affect African Americans and the underserved populations in the nation. South Carolina, particularly, ranks 47th for health disparities among other states in the nation.

Thaddeus Bell Scholarship

Dr. Bell stated that the scholarships, in the amount of $5,000, will be granted to two African American students at MUSC for the 2014-2015 school years.  the scholarship is available to students who have been accepted or enrolled in any of the colleges and any of the degree programs at Medical University of South Carolina, and who have completed at least one semester of studies at one of MUSC’s colleges, are legal residents of SC, are minority students of African or African-American descent, and are in need of financial aid to some degree. This scholarship has its own application form, available on request by sending an e-mail  One or two awards totaling $10,000.

Miss Representation on Tuesday, March 18th – Don’t Miss It!

By bushtl
Posted on 18 March 2014 | 10:08 am — 




Rhythms of Brazil Concert – Free Event on Sunday, March 16th

By bushtl
Posted on 11 March 2014 | 4:26 pm — 

rhythms of brazil

We The People Concert

By bushtl
Posted on 11 March 2014 | 3:49 pm — 


The College of Charleston presented “We the People,” an evening of spirituals and gospel music  on Sunday, February 16, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. at the Sottile Theatre. The concert featured the Claflin University Concert Choir and a guest performance by the College of Charleston Gospel Choir.   The event was part of the College’s Black History Month activities and sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services.  The program was the first in a series of fundraisers for student scholarships and $1300 was raised.

Led by Dr. Isaiah McGee, Claflin’s 50-voice mixed chorus presented an inspiring program of spirituals and gospel songs that  drew from African American History.

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The event was part of the College’s Black History Month activities and sponsored by the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services.  Led by Dr. Isaiah McGee, Claflin’s 50-voice mixed chorus presented an inspiring program of spirituals and gospel songs that  drew from African American History.  The College of Charleston Gospel Choir


This year’s program is the first in a series of fundraisers for student scholarships. “We are thankful for Dr. McGee’s support of our programs and the opportunity to collaborate on future projects together. We feel very fortunate to have Dr. McGee and his students back at the College again to help us celebrate Black History Month.” says Teresa Smith, Ph.D., director for the Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services.


Join us for the Excel Awards March 26th, 2014!

By bushtl
Posted on 11 March 2014 | 3:41 pm — 

[jwplayer mediaid=”1079″]

The Office of Multicultural Student Programs and Services presents its 9th annual ExCEL Awards Program on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 at the Sottile Theatre (44 George Street) at 5:00 p.m.  This year we had 126 nominations, which is the most we have ever received since the program began nine years ago. Award recipients will be revealed at the ExCEL Awards Program.

The awards program is designed to honor faculty, staff, students, alum, and neighbors (individuals, agencies, or companies) for their dedication to excellence and enhancing diversity on our campus and in the community. This dedication is displayed through teaching, athleticism, student leadership, departmental support, or commitment to the community.  The program begins promptly at 5:00 p.m. and is free to faculty, staff, students, alum, their family, friends, and the public. The reception for all recipients, nominees, their family, and friends will be held immediately after the awards program in Alumni Hall.

Please join us at the 2014 ExCEL Awards Program as we recognize and honor the faculty, staff, students, alum, and community members on Wednesday, March 26, at 5:00 p.m. at the Sottile Theatre (44 George Street).

                                    Congratulations to all of our 2014 ExCEL Awards Nominees!

Administrator of the Year, Outstanding Staff and Good Neighbor Awards

Michael Acree

Charles and Jackie Ailstock

Cynthia Alston-Bell

Mandi Bryson

Melinda Coleman

Mark Del Mastro

Cantrelle Gilliard

Beth Goodier

Nicki Jenkins

Rochelle Johnson

Molly McLean

Diane Miller

Valerie Morris

Laura Moses

Missy Page

Muhammad Rasheed

Christine Rodgers

Joe Snecinski

Larry Stoudenmire

Charles Venning

Moneke Watson

Frances Welch

Outstanding Faculty of the Year

Paul Anderson

Susan   Balinsky

Charles Calvert

Tom Chorlton

Wendy Cory

Godfrey Gibbison

Anne Gutshall

Jon Hale

Devon Hanahan

Silvia Hanna

Michael Hemphill

Chris Korey

Simon Lewis

Cynthia May

Luci Moreira

Courtney Murren

Evan Parry

Silvia Rodriguez-Sabater

Brian Scholtens

Jeff Shockley

Robert Westerfelhaus

Joseph Weyers

 Outstanding Students and Alumni of the Year

Brian Ackerman

Bethany Bowen

Jonathan Brown

Audrianna Brunson

Daron Calhoun

Mel Campos

Michelle Cooper

Ka’Dedra Creech

Angela Dapremont

Clay Dustin

Jan Aldrin Enabore

Kionne Epps

Amber Frazier

Alyssa Frye

Donetta Grays

Tristan Hawkins

Marc Himes

Alex Jackson

Murray Levison

ReZsaun Lewis

Lidoshka Marc

Tyrieke Morton

Brandon Murray

Joye Nettles

Arvaughnna Postema

Kesha  Rainey

Brandi Rollins

Briosha Sanders

Thais Voet

Chemise Wallace

Lina Wayman

Corinne Williams

                               Excellence in Diversity Service and Safe Zone Advocacy Awards

Kristi Brian

Karen  Chandler

Jessica Dugan

Thomas Holcomb

Alexandra Keane

Mary Deanna Mann

Marino Mugayar-Baldocchi

Amanda Muirhead

Shawntell Pace

Melinda Scharstein

The Presidential Legacy Awards

Carrie Bullock Ben-Yisreal

Charles Essi

Trisha  Folds-Bennett

Clifford and Rosa Fulmore

Catherine Gunnells

Chris Korey

Martin Perlmutter

Christopher Piedmont

Scott Shanklin-Peterson

Maggie Szeman





Unveiling of Denmark Vesey Monument

By bushtl
Posted on 6 March 2014 | 1:54 pm — 

denmark Vesey unveiling[1]

Dr. Teresa Smith was one of several hundred people on hand February 15, 2014 to witness the unveiling of the Denmark Vesey monument in Hampton Park. The Denmark Vesey monument is very significant in Charleston History. He was a freed Black man, an entrepreneur, Methodist preacher, wealthy businessman, and insurrectionist. Denmark Vesey was responsible for the intricate planning of a slave revolt in Charleston. Although the plan was discovered just before it was enacted and Vesey hanged for his primary role, this new monument will serve as a constant reminder of his courage and willingness to help free African American people from the horrible and vicious life of slavery in Charleston, SC.

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