PSA: Application Opens for New Executive MPA Format

Charleston, SC – The Master of Public Administration program at the College of Charleston is proud to announce a new Executive format that is now accepting applications for Fall 2019. The MPA program has been preparing public service leaders since the 1980s and has been led by outstanding directors, such as Dr. Kendra Stewart, Dr. Jo Ann Ewalt, and Dr. Phil Jos. Today, Dr. Judy Millesen, the current MPA director, has launched this expansion in her first year at the College.

At its core, executive education allows ambitious mid-career professionals to earn an advanced degree without having to withdraw from work and life commitments. The College of Charleston MPA is the highest ranking NASPAA-accredited program in the state, and it now offers the first and only Executive MPA format. This new option is designed for passionate leaders with at least five years of professional work experience, seeking higher level knowledge and skills to make an even greater impact in the Lowcountry. While the curriculum of the Executive MPA format will mirror the traditional format, there are a few distinctive features that cater to working professionals in the area.

Similar to a traditional full-time MPA student, an executive student will earn the degree within two years. However, the Executive format will follow the College’s express schedule, meaning that that students will focus on one course for approximately seven weeks at a time. The courses will be taught in a hybrid style of online and in-person sessions, with classroom meetings held on intermittent Saturdays throughout the term. Saturday sessions will be a combination of morning and afternoon seminars, working lunches, and notable guest speakers. The curriculum will be delivered by our dedicated MPA faculty members and prominent practitioners in the field.

A defining component of the Executive format is the opportunity to grow a network of public service-minded professionals employed throughout the public and nonprofit sector all with valued areas of expertise. All admitted students will begin in the fall and progress as a cohort. This style of peer-to-peer learning fosters a sense of community, encourages collaboration, and stimulates creativity and innovation. The Executive MPA will be offered at the Lowcountry Graduate Center (LGC) located in North Charleston, SC. The LGC is a contemporary facility with the latest technology, conference-like facilities, and ample free parking to provide the most convenient MPA experience for practicing professionals.

The Executive MPA will cap enrollment at 25 students per year. The application procedures follow the traditional MPA admission and is now open for applications until July 1st, 2019 for the Fall 2019 cohort. Motivated professionals looking to make a meaningful impact on the community, help tackle complex social challenges, or take an organization to the next level can apply here or schedule a meeting with Dr. Judy Millesen.

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