Conference and Workshop Proceedings

Refereed Journal Publications

  • Feng Yan, Xenia Mountrouidou, Alma Riska, Evgenia Smirni,”PREFiguRE: an Analytic Framework for HDD Management”, Transactions on Modeling and Performance Evaluation of Computing Systems, 2015
  • Bushra Anjum, Harry Perros, Xenia Mountrouidou and Kimon Kontovassilis, “Bandwidth Allocation under End-to-End Percentile Delay Bounds “, Wiley International Journal of Network Management, Vl 21, 536-547 (2011)
  • Xenia Mountrouidou and Harry Perros, “A discrete-time queueing network model of a hub-based OBS architecture“, Telecommunications System Journal, Volume 41, Number 3, Pages: 173-184, May 2009
  • Xenia Mountrouidou and Harry Perros, “On the departure process of the burst aggregation process in optical burst switching”, Journal of Computer Networks, Volume 53 , Issue 3, Pages: 247-264, February 2009
  • Xenia Mountrouidou, On the traffic modeling of burst aggregation algorithms using video and data traces, Telecommunication Systems Volume 39, Number 3-4 (2008), Pages 223-234
  • Dimitrios N. Serpanos, Poluxeni Mountrouidou, Maria Gamvrili, Evaluation of hardware and software schedulers for embedded switches“, Proceedings of ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS), Vol. 3, Issue 4 (2004) pp. 736-759, ACM Science


  • P. Mountrouidou, Bimodal scheduling for OBS networks and characterization of burst aggregation algorithms, Ph.D. Thesis, Department of Computer Science, North Carolina State University (2007)
  • P. Mountrouidou, Design of a Packet Scheduler for High-Speed ATM Networks, Master’s Thesis, Integrated Hardware and Software Systems, Univ. of Patras (2002) (Available in Greek only)
  • P. Mountrouidou, Design and Implementation of a Network Processor Datapath with Multiple Register Sets, Diploma Thesis, Computer Science Department, Univ. of Crete (2000) (Available in Greek only)
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