Poems and Visual Art by Morgan Bradham

Bradham, 2016. Taken in the Charleston Harbor, South Carolina.

What It’s Like to Live in Charleston

The air is not crisp but can tell you still
Of the rouse which may hide behind
The commons and the barren ground
That of the one we may now touch all around.
And with not superstition, but rather
The cough of an older father
Understand finally on a deeper fathom
What it’s like to live in Charleston.

Bradham, 2016. Taken in the Alaskan Interior near Dawson Creek, unknown geographic coordinate.


Winter’s Arms

Look at this, the way in which you let these uninvolved ice crystals
Form on the roof of your eye sockets.
And these, the ones you call homely and of good timing,
Attacking the down of here — attacking the up your flying—
They are the very heart you should know not of how to speak!

What are these boots I see filling up with snow?
Why do you let them do so?
Let the mountains speak for themselves, darling.
Let the winds have their way with silence only — and nothing more — and nothing less.
You are far too precious to touch these bones.

Look at you, darling!
My God! You’re trembling.
Oh, he’s so evil.
And oh, he’s so not, really.
Say no, child.

You are far too precious to be given to this, the moaning cold.
But, look here! But look, here he is! Here he comes! The Winter.
Winter’s arms have you wrapped up so very tightly you no longer know where you go
Or to whom you speak — he’s lying to you.
You’re not warm.
For lo, his hug is not so…

Bradham, 2016. Taken in the Yukon Territory, Southern Lakes Region, unknown geographic coordinate


The Flower

The flower is like its purple kiss
from heaven.
Beautiful and silent

Like twas laid in blankets of motherly
Essence bowing to air in breath of
mountainly brethren,
and consciousness laid in everlasting motions.
So twas the night when hit its
glory figments –
and drowned the world out of all

Morgan Bradham is a nonfiction and fiction writer, artist, designer, and research scholar from North Augusta, SC. She is a senior anthropology major minoring in theater at the College of Charleston. In 2014, she received her associates degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage, where she concentrated in social sciences and the humanities. Morgan’s hobbies include hanging out with her family and friends, taking long walks, learning how to do new things, and having adventures. Creative and scholarly pursuits with interest in the human condition are what drives Morgan; she aspires to be a professional writer, professional artist and designer, director of film and theatre, and professor.