Two Poems by Tim Housand

Big Government

I must admit—I’ve been a bad citizen.

I’ve kissed men in showers.

Cops on the parking beat know my

car by name. I skipped class

the day our teacher apparently wore

sandals, scratched his chin, told the class

Government is the legitimate use of force.

I’ve never understood how to use

my force legitimately, so I guess

that makes me a bad government, too.

On airplanes I bury my brother’s closed fist

while father sleeps besides us.

His mouth opens,

and he reveals his secrets

to the world. Somewhere in the deserts

of America, bodies are being found

with their mouths open, hearts

the size and color of pincushions.

Mom tells me they fished the boy’s body

from the interstate; the College refuses

to prosecute; the mountains

always behind, an old woman

raising her jagged skin to the sky.

Here, the State and the Ocean

play chess with our lives, the ritual

tug  and  pull of disasters,

a legless man speaking gospel

outside hotels, blood on the pavement

where a panicked hoof met spokes,

palmettos angled westward,

and dolphins rushing the new shoreline,

acquiring dead fish

under a pink sun.

On Returning

Somewhere in my flat city this morning

I am waking up before the junebugs come

I am taking a fork to three brown eggs

and beating them senseless

somewhere there is a man

down on his one good knee

(his one bad knee)

bent like a child’s question mark

arched towards the cathedral

somewhere a woman finds the center

of a street and squats               pisses

right there

eyes towards the stars.


This cool cat in his natural habitat is named Timothy Housand. Raised in Greenwood and then Clemson, South Carolina, Tim is a transplant to the south who has since accepted it as his home. Tim is a sophomore at the College and a (declared) Political science and (proposed) German double major. He writes poetry and essays mostly, although sometimes a little prose comes out on accident. His hobbies include annoying his girlfriend, lounging, stretching, not exercising, being cool, reading, Hulu, shopping for polo shirts, sending pictures of his dog to strangers, cooking, and laughing.

2016-17 Managing Editor